Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fatty Patty isn't my nickname for nothing

So I've had this idea, I am now 10 weeks post pardum and struggling so bad to loose weight. Now let's be honest, I will never look like I did at 21. I will probably never wear those size 3 jeans hanging in my closet again. I am very depressed about my body right now and I need to be held accountable for my actions and eating. So I figure if I go public with my weight loss journey then maybe there will be a reason for me to stick to it better! I will start off with a before pic:

OK so there will be no public photo of me in a bathing suit or any other brave move on my part to show you what we're working with. This is all your getting. Well maybe I should show you a post baby pic...but just one:                                             
Well here's my delima, I can't wear any of my pre baby clothes, I can't stand how I look naked and I pretty much feel uncomfortable in my own skin! So as of right now I am wearing maternity clothes and it is getting old quick. I have purchased a girdle and it sucks. It is so uncomfortable and the shrink wrap well it just makes me sweat and I think people can hear me when I move! So I have come to the conclusion I will not be happy until I can wear my clothes without anything under them holding in my muffin top. Let's be clear this is no small weight watchers muffin, this is like the all you can eat muffin from fatty mcfats lol! I am now in a size 12 jeans, gulp, just threw up in my mouth a little! I am not a big fan of labeling my size, I don't really care what size my clothes are as long as I feel comfortable in them and look good in them. So when I pour myself into a size 12 and there are leftovers with nowhere to go except muffin status well there must be change!

Today is the day! No more waiting for tomm.

Nothing tastes as good as looking thin feels!
(stolen from a possible genius..minus her football preference Jenn M. I heart u!)

My goals:

  • To fit into a pair of jeans that is not a double digit!
  • To wave and not have my arm still waving after I'm done!
  • To be able to take a shower with the lights on and not be frightened by what I see!
  • To not have to wrap anything up to wear my clothes normally!
For about 2 weeks now I have been walking everyday and have seen no results so now the diet has to change! Diet changes for now are:
  • Drink more water
  • Eat lots of greens
  • No sweets ( not excited about this one)
I guess we will see how this week goes and I will post updates on this next week.

~Fatty Patty

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