Monday, September 20, 2010

What's got you excited?

So I get very excited for the new fall line up! All the best shows are coming back on! I am very excited that's why your getting so many !!!! points lol! I can't wait for Grey's and Private Practice. So let me know what your favorites are! Maybe there's a show I don't watch that I should be. I added a little poll on here so you can vote for your fav!

I have been out of the loop this week, I had some medical issues and my honey had to stay home with me and the boys I was put on bed rest which is no fun. I did enjoy getting to sleep late and take naps it was great but now I am spoiled and Mark goes back to work tomm! I have a birthday coming up and kinda ruined my surprise cause I checked a txt msg not meant for me...oops! I guess I am getting to go out to eat somewhere good friday night but now I will stress all week he has no idea what he has done by making these plans. Now I will freak out over nothing to wear, need to book a last minute hair cut, sit and obsess over my weight and how fat I will look next to all my gorgeous friends that got invited.

My boys are my world, and have this insane way of making my smile no matter what is going on! I don't care how bad I feel Bryant can act silly or be sweet and it just melts me. Masons just now getting a personality and there is no better feeling than seeing that baby smile! I am a very lucky lady to have these amazing children. I thank God for them everyday and I only hope I can be the kind of mommy they deserve!

The diet is not going so well this week with all the laying in bed and no running or walking. I feel like a huge fatty, I have eaten okay but I cheated on my diet alot more than usual and ate ice cream!!! I know I know I will never fit into a great pair of jeans again if I dont get back into my weight loss state of mind but gosh it is much tastier to have ice cream and pasta! Ahhh well back to the diet starting tomm!

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