Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Teen Mom Makes Me SICK!

I am going to devote an entire blog to the discussion of the MTV show Teen Mom. Let's first start this by saying birthing a child does not make you a mother! It takes ALOT more than just the act of having the child.

Let's start with Amber simply because she pisses me off more than any of the others! She is a total piece! The way she talks to Gary and Leah is disgusting! She is like a bi polar selfish witch! I have never in my life seen someone talk that way in front of a baby or to a baby. Gary needs to man up and slap her across the face. NO ONE will ever talk to my children or in front of my children the way she does. I don't want to say it is okay for a man to hit a woman but she is not a woman she is a b**ch! I am so appalled by the fact that the authorities have not gone in and taken that child! She is hateful and a poor excuse for a role model!

Farrah, selfish, spoiled and snobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catelynn did the best thing for her baby, her momma is such a piece of junk, again she is just like Amber!

Maci actually cares about Bentley! I hope she isn't jumping the gun by moving to Nashville!

Sorry to cut this short, had lots more to say! Just found out about a recall on baby formula and I have to find out if its ok for mason to have his!

Monday, September 20, 2010

What's got you excited?

So I get very excited for the new fall line up! All the best shows are coming back on! I am very excited that's why your getting so many !!!! points lol! I can't wait for Grey's and Private Practice. So let me know what your favorites are! Maybe there's a show I don't watch that I should be. I added a little poll on here so you can vote for your fav!

I have been out of the loop this week, I had some medical issues and my honey had to stay home with me and the boys I was put on bed rest which is no fun. I did enjoy getting to sleep late and take naps it was great but now I am spoiled and Mark goes back to work tomm! I have a birthday coming up and kinda ruined my surprise cause I checked a txt msg not meant for me...oops! I guess I am getting to go out to eat somewhere good friday night but now I will stress all week he has no idea what he has done by making these plans. Now I will freak out over nothing to wear, need to book a last minute hair cut, sit and obsess over my weight and how fat I will look next to all my gorgeous friends that got invited.

My boys are my world, and have this insane way of making my smile no matter what is going on! I don't care how bad I feel Bryant can act silly or be sweet and it just melts me. Masons just now getting a personality and there is no better feeling than seeing that baby smile! I am a very lucky lady to have these amazing children. I thank God for them everyday and I only hope I can be the kind of mommy they deserve!

The diet is not going so well this week with all the laying in bed and no running or walking. I feel like a huge fatty, I have eaten okay but I cheated on my diet alot more than usual and ate ice cream!!! I know I know I will never fit into a great pair of jeans again if I dont get back into my weight loss state of mind but gosh it is much tastier to have ice cream and pasta! Ahhh well back to the diet starting tomm!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Blues

I have had the blues today, I guess part of the whole hormones thing still going on. I will admit I am a t.v. junkie always have been, I was only child and I live in the smallest town ever so it is my window to the world. It's how I see how the other half live lol! So I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, I think this is unhealthy for me! I get jealous at the vast amounts of money they have to spend, and I mean here's the thing about em, now don't get me wrong I think Khloe and I would be BFF's, but they are not singers, actresses, or anything, they are just simply famous. Which ok mad props to them I am a bit jealous. They spend money like water, travel like crazy, shop til they drop, have their hair and makeup done perfectly by others all the time and have every endorsement you can imagine! So I sit and dream of this type of lifestyle, I'd love to be able to shop and pampered like they are. Well the problem is it almost makes me sad, which is sad that I am jealous to the point of being sad. I mean I just would love that life for myself and my family. We have to clip coupons and budget and plan for everything from haircuts, to dinner out and you can forget vacations since I am not working. I mean we only have one car! So after sitting and watching and getting so upset I felt guilty. All I can think about is how I wish I had their looks and money and homes and cars. Well I need to be thankful for what I have! So I am attempting to put those thoughts aside and be glad for the gifts God has given me! Mark gets on to me all the time for caring what other people think so I am going to work on that. I am going to thank God for my babies and family and try to be a better friend, mother and wife! I will try to be less selfish and caught up in my own little world and think of others! I will start working on my crafts and try to sell them and hopefully find some more houses to clean on the side and be thankful for what I have!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Great Weekend!

So Friday was my 5 year wedding anniversary and my sweet husband took me to eat at my favorite restaurant, Bone Fish Grill! It was wonderful but I'm thinking the loaf of fresh baked bread I ate did nothing for my weight loss! I did eat fish and salad though so that's good I think. Well I called my Dr on Friday to see about getting diet pills, I guess that's technically cheating but if you knew how bad I want to fit into my old clothes you'd understand. Well turns out he is not into diet pills, says they are a big no no! So now I have to go in for blood work because he thinks it is strange I still weigh today what I did the day I had Mason. I'm hoping it is something simple and the weight can start to fall off like ASAP! So Friday night was suppose to be my cheat night but then Saturday was football and we had people coming over which meant chicken wings, chicken cheese ball, chips and dip, etc. Well I did okay but felt kinda guilty after. Well no weight loss and no inches lost so maybe soon! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday Bryant had his first dentist appointment, he did really good and had lots of stories to tell and was so excited! Then we had a great dinner out for our 5 year anniversary. It felt so nice to be out with no kids and no diapers or bottles or anyone to take care of but myself. Then the Tide Rolled right over Penn State Saturday night, it was a good game spent with good friends and family! Overall had a great weekend with Mark being home with me and the boys. Now on the flip side I believe I am suffering from post pardum depression because my emotions are all over the place. I cry at the drop of a hat and am on edge and like so ill it is insane. I seriously feel like I am loosing it. I keep wanting to snap on people and cry like way more than ever before. I am really hoping this will soon pass because it is horrible! Masons waking up for another bottle getting ready for nighty night!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 2 of the weight loss challenge!

OK so day two is down and I did OK! I ran a mile, and walked 2! I ate baked chicken and broc and a salad for dinner and had water. I also had Raisin Bran crunch this morning with 2% milk. I kept telling myself to keep going while I was running because I wanted to quit so bad and it was so painful but I want the end result so bad! So we will hope that I stay strong and keep eating fruit for snacks instead of cakes or cookies! Wish me luck!

                  Mason's got it so rough! He is very stressed from all his love Bryant is giving him!
On another note my son is being such a nut today! Bryant is so funny! He kept wiping my kisses off earlier and then actually got up to the sink and washed his lips and said they are dirty and so I said, O you think mommies kisses are dirty, he said no mommy my face is dirty. So he washed his face and then I kissed him again and he washed it again and I said I thought my kisses weren't dirty he said they aren't but now my face keep getting dirty! So then he eventually let me kiss him without wiping it off for like 5 seconds then he said OK I'm done with this! He is so smart! He answered the phone tonight and said who is it? Who is this? What is your name? What do you want? O I don't want to talk to you and threw the phone! Guess phone manners are the next thing to work on!

Mason is smiling and laughing now and getting a personality, I am so excited! I am very blessed to have these boys and I am so happy with where I am in life! I may not have finished all the things in life I thought I would have, no college degree or fancy job, but being a mommy tops that any day! I love my babies and my hubby! It's hard to believe that I have been married 5 years this week and have 2 beautiful boys! I am trying to be the best mommy I can be and teach these boys to be great men one day. Enough for now I hear a baby waking up!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fatty Patty isn't my nickname for nothing

So I've had this idea, I am now 10 weeks post pardum and struggling so bad to loose weight. Now let's be honest, I will never look like I did at 21. I will probably never wear those size 3 jeans hanging in my closet again. I am very depressed about my body right now and I need to be held accountable for my actions and eating. So I figure if I go public with my weight loss journey then maybe there will be a reason for me to stick to it better! I will start off with a before pic:

OK so there will be no public photo of me in a bathing suit or any other brave move on my part to show you what we're working with. This is all your getting. Well maybe I should show you a post baby pic...but just one:                                             
Well here's my delima, I can't wear any of my pre baby clothes, I can't stand how I look naked and I pretty much feel uncomfortable in my own skin! So as of right now I am wearing maternity clothes and it is getting old quick. I have purchased a girdle and it sucks. It is so uncomfortable and the shrink wrap well it just makes me sweat and I think people can hear me when I move! So I have come to the conclusion I will not be happy until I can wear my clothes without anything under them holding in my muffin top. Let's be clear this is no small weight watchers muffin, this is like the all you can eat muffin from fatty mcfats lol! I am now in a size 12 jeans, gulp, just threw up in my mouth a little! I am not a big fan of labeling my size, I don't really care what size my clothes are as long as I feel comfortable in them and look good in them. So when I pour myself into a size 12 and there are leftovers with nowhere to go except muffin status well there must be change!

Today is the day! No more waiting for tomm.

Nothing tastes as good as looking thin feels!
(stolen from a possible genius..minus her football preference Jenn M. I heart u!)

My goals:

  • To fit into a pair of jeans that is not a double digit!
  • To wave and not have my arm still waving after I'm done!
  • To be able to take a shower with the lights on and not be frightened by what I see!
  • To not have to wrap anything up to wear my clothes normally!
For about 2 weeks now I have been walking everyday and have seen no results so now the diet has to change! Diet changes for now are:
  • Drink more water
  • Eat lots of greens
  • No sweets ( not excited about this one)
I guess we will see how this week goes and I will post updates on this next week.

~Fatty Patty

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lessons Learned

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! I have been saying for a while I was going to learn how to sew. My maw maw was an amazing seamstress! She always made a quilt when ever a baby was born and I used to sit and play around with her while she sewed but being so young I didn't actually learn and pay attention like I wish I had! Now my maw maw Charlie has gone on to a better place and I am left to learn on my own. So I bought a sewing machine this week for get this...20 bucks! I am getting alot better at being frugal since I am not working and all the burden is on Mark. Now this sewing machine is missing the foot but this is something I can buy for less than 10$. So I have set my mind to learning to sew! I want to make gifts for people instead of going out and buying them something. I think it means more and is something they can hold on to and cherish as I have my maw maws quilts. Well I also have it set in my mind to learn to make things so I can start selling things to earn some money for things that are not necessary. I love to shop and get pedicures, both are things that are no longer in our budget! So I am going to earn myself some spending money...hopefully!

My first craft ( since I haven't learned sewing yet) is a wreath I made. I think it is adorable and is something you could give at a baby shower or take it to the hospital to hang on the door!

Now I also thought I would attempt to make a baby blanket that I didn't have to sew so I tried one of those no sew ones that you see. I made 3 of these kept one for myself and have the other 2 away. My best friend Jennifer said how much it meant to her that I made her something and took the time, Which made me feel like it was totally worth it! Here's a pic:

Now no one may want to buy these things from me and I may make a bunch of em and end up just giving them away but I'm gonna give it a shot! Diaper cakes and sewing projects to come soon!