Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lessons Learned

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! I have been saying for a while I was going to learn how to sew. My maw maw was an amazing seamstress! She always made a quilt when ever a baby was born and I used to sit and play around with her while she sewed but being so young I didn't actually learn and pay attention like I wish I had! Now my maw maw Charlie has gone on to a better place and I am left to learn on my own. So I bought a sewing machine this week for get this...20 bucks! I am getting alot better at being frugal since I am not working and all the burden is on Mark. Now this sewing machine is missing the foot but this is something I can buy for less than 10$. So I have set my mind to learning to sew! I want to make gifts for people instead of going out and buying them something. I think it means more and is something they can hold on to and cherish as I have my maw maws quilts. Well I also have it set in my mind to learn to make things so I can start selling things to earn some money for things that are not necessary. I love to shop and get pedicures, both are things that are no longer in our budget! So I am going to earn myself some spending money...hopefully!

My first craft ( since I haven't learned sewing yet) is a wreath I made. I think it is adorable and is something you could give at a baby shower or take it to the hospital to hang on the door!

Now I also thought I would attempt to make a baby blanket that I didn't have to sew so I tried one of those no sew ones that you see. I made 3 of these kept one for myself and have the other 2 away. My best friend Jennifer said how much it meant to her that I made her something and took the time, Which made me feel like it was totally worth it! Here's a pic:

Now no one may want to buy these things from me and I may make a bunch of em and end up just giving them away but I'm gonna give it a shot! Diaper cakes and sewing projects to come soon!

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