Saturday, March 20, 2010


Okay so let me start out by saying I freak in love being a mother! It's like the most wonderful feeling in the world for my son to hug me and say I love you mommy, your my baby. It seriously makes me melt! With that being said I didn't always want to be a mom. I haven't always had the best relationship with my basically our good times stopped when my dad died we never could connect she says its cause we are so much alike, I along with others have a different opinion but enough about that for now. I got a little wild after high school lots of drinking away my sorrows and what not. So I was a free spirit, very rebellious, and a spontaneous person.I was a good time lol but not responsible! So when I met Mark after the couple of years of travel, partying, and general freedom we decide we would like to have kids and don't want to prevent anymore. In comes my little man Bryant on the scene! Best choice I have ever made! It hasn't always been easy, in fact right after I had him I wanted to go back to work, I thought this kid hates me. Well he eventually came around and so did I and now I couldn't imagine life without him! I am also looking forward to the arrival of Mason Tyde a.k.a. Baby Brother as Bryant refers to him! With all this being said...some women should not have children. It is a huge responsibility! It is life changing..O and P.S. it's forever! I am definitely no saint or perfect mother but if you are too dumb for birth control...motherhood might not be your thing. I have witnessed some pretty crappy things lately going on with people I am related to and acquainted with and it makes me sick! If you have a baby whether you are 16 or 26, that baby is number one! That means it goes where you go, it eats before you eat, you do whatever is necessary to make sure it is cared for 100%. Boyfriends, parties, and socialization are all in last place! Your mother is not responsible for raising your baby cause you couldn't keep your clothes on. Your siblings, baby daddy, or baby daddy's momma is not your babysitter for you to have "me time". I'm not saying no one ever needs me time, heck I could use 10 min a day..that's why moms pee so much lol! When your baby calls her maw maw mommy cause she don't see you enough that's a problem. When you had rather stay out all night partying or sleeping over at some dudes house..that's a problem. I am so sickened seeing kids that need shoes or clothes or something paid for at school and I hear a parent say I'm broke we can't afford it...hey your holding a pack of Marlboro's that's 4$ at least...or 4 shirts from a yard sale for your kid! People need to look at their priorities and WAKE UP!!! I'm sorry for the gripe, this is my outlet for venting and you don't have to agree with me but this seems to be a common sense thing for me, everything I just said here is logical and my opinion...feel free to correct me if you feel I am wrong! But these kids are the ones suffering, I couldn't sleep at night thinking I put myself before my kids. They are my life. I am very sickened by some things I have witnessed lately, things that hit pretty close to home and I just pray that these kids get a fair shot and don't get kipped cause their moms suck. They didn't ask to be born! Thanks for reading and Happy Parenting!


  1. I so agree with you! I get so ticked off at people also. It really bothers me probably more than it should because, we want kids so bad and so far haven't been able to have any. We have been trying since our wedding But anyway I know it will happen when God wants it to happen. But I do agree with you 100% I do think that parents need a night out every once in a while to have alone time, but I know people that do it several nights a week. I just want to slap them. So you go ahead and vent all you want.

  2. Girl I get mad even reading peoples facebook status when its a school night and they are out at a bar! Plan and do things responsibly!