Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Discipline is a complicated thing for me with my 2 year old. When he goes into a time out all I hear is " I won't do it no more...can I get up now?" Then when he is told no he flings himself around like a crazy person crying for 60 seconds or so before inevitably saying" I won't do it no more...can I get up now?" Spankings get his attention but then I end up feeling bad because he is so fair complected if I ever get an inch of skin it turns red and I internally freak out that I've left a mark on my child. It's a really difficult thing being a parent. You want your child to be well behaved all the time but especially in public or in group settings. I was always one of those people who judged parents in public for various disciplines...when now I see everyone does it different. I always try to make my son stay quiet and be polite in public places like restaurants but the truth is the older he gets the louder and more disobedient he has become! It's hard to see other kids acting out, screaming, and running around but tell him he can't. He doesn't understand why he can't do what they are doing. I am not a huge fan of spanking in public but if he really does something I don't like hes gonna get it whether we are alone or 50 people are standing around. I want to raise a child that is "restaurant trained" as my friends call it, and also has very good manners and is over all well behaved. I know he is only 2 and this may sound like asking a lot but you can't wait til their out of control and say oh yeah I think we are gonna start making you mind today! So for now I am at a total power struggle with discipline and exactly how it should be handled.

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