Monday, March 15, 2010


I am about to be in my 3rd trimester. I have a very clear memory of my last trimester with Bryant. I couldn't get things clean enough. I seriously shampooed the carpets in our house like 20 times in one week cause i said I will not bring a baby home until the water comes out of this machine as clean as it went in! Well I am in that same frame of mind with this baby! All I can do is try to hang up clothes and rearrange and decorate and shop online for things that I feel like I have to have today. I have until the end on June at least but it seems like if I don't have the items I will bust. So I have Bryant a comforter ordered for his bed it wont be here til the 25th neither will his bookshelf or the other 3 things I ordered..but wait did you notice I said Bryants...yeah I am freaking out about the nursery but totally unable to come up with a theme so I am putting all this time and energy into Bryant's room. So it is now painted, has a new bed and armiore, comforter and bookshelf ordered and on the way. But my poor baby Mason, I can't decide on a bedding set for him so therefore his room can't be painted. And his beds not put together and his room is still the junk room it is piled full of everything I need to put in a yard sale and get rid of! I can't wait for the next warm weekend we have because I am having a huge yard sale! But for now I have to stop obsessing and nesting and relax! Easier said than done!

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