Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pregnancy Week 25

OMG so this baby is obviously very active and very big. I am totally feeling it, having trouble breathing and doing my daily activity. I tried walking today and I realized exactly how bad out of shape I am as well as how rough the next couple of months are going to be. This weather is fabulous but with warm gorgeous weather comes the need to wear shorts...something my legs are definitely not ready for. The sad part though? I tried to wear my maternity shorts from Bryant and they are too tight! This is horrible and seriously brought me to tears with the realization that not only did I gain and keep the weight on from Bryant I have already packed on 20lbs in this pregnancy.So I guess I have got to start eating a little better and getting a lot more active! Sleeping is a lot harder now, getting comfortable is so hard but then throw the whole having to pee every couple hours in the mix and it is a bad combination. Bryant is still sleeping with us which I know I have got to start working on because I have got to have him potty trained and out of the bed with us within the next say 15 weeks...this is way harder than any full time job lol! I am having numbness and tingling in my legs from Mason laying on my nerve. I have constant heartburn or indigestion. Did I mention I asked for this? I wanted another baby so that Bryant wouldn't grow up like me an only child who was lonely. So another summer baby which means I get the pleasure of the next couple of very hot and humid Alabama weather. Oh well the countdown is on!

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