Thursday, March 25, 2010

Common Courtesy

It's 2010 I get it, I'm hip. However I live in the south, in the boon sticks! There are no red lights where I live, the 4 way stop is it for us. We thought we hit it big with our McDonald's. With that said, you would think living in the country people would be kind and neighborly and courteous! Not the case with my newest neighbors. Their dog has been barking now for oh I'd say about 3 months straight! Tonight I am going nuts, I am 25 weeks pregnant, can't sleep as it is and my husband has to be up for work at 2:45 AM!!! It is now 11:06 PM we are all wide awake listening to this stupid dog bark! The police just left giving me nothing but advice on how to handle the situation legally and wishing he could do something! I have had it with the barking. We have contacted the home owners, we have had the police over to their house 4 times for the dog breaking out of the fence and chasing my fat pregnant self. Where does it end? How do they sleep? It's a large bulldog not a tiny little poodle. This is no squeak people. We are talking loud as heck and the most annoying sound in Snead tonight! I am at a loss. I now have to go battle the whole dang town council to get these ordinances in place to be able to sleep at night! This is ridiculous! I am a law abiding tax paying citizen! I am only asking for whats fair and descent for me and my family! I really don't think I am being unreasonable to ask that I am allowed a good nights sleep in my own home! Is anyone with me on this? I know in my heart I am not being unreasonable. This is just plain ole southern hospitality mixed with a little common courtesy and plain ole good neighbor policy! Have some respect for those around you!

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