Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where do they learn that?

Okay my son amazes me everyday, in one way or another. He is so sweet and smart and charming. It really opens my eyes when I sit back and listen to him and see the world through the eyes of a two year old. He wakes up every morning with such a cheerful attitude and says wake up mommy, I need my sippy cup full, open your eyes. Then he lays and rubs my arm and hugs and gives me kisses and loves on me for at least thirty minutes before he wants to get up. I just love that time of day with him. It's just like bedtime when he tells us he loves us and good night sweet dreams. He doesn't have a care in the world no bills, no stress but his heart is so full of love and he is constantly learning and growing. He cracks me up with this whole potty training thing, he has discovered peeing off the porch. Now if you are from the south this is probably totally normal, not to say that we havent gotten quite a few laughs out of the neighbors but my son has decided he needs to be completely naked in order to pee. So the routine now goes mommy I'm going to to pee on the porch, and then strips down butt naked to pee on my azaleas! It is hilarious and very cute, as long as this isnt a habit he keeps up for years to come. I am amazed by how smart my son is, I know everyone is the same way about their kids its natural. But like little things, he is 2 and can tell me that an 18 wheeler says Wal-Mart on the side, that's awesome. He knows all his colors, he can count and say the alphabet when he wants to. I am just so proud of him. Enough for now, I am still puny from the virus. More later.

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  1. amazing motherhood makes u feel so needed and loved:)