Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pregnancy Week 26

So 26 weeks doesn't sound like long in the grand scheme of things considering I went 42 with Bryant. I am so swollen today, fingers, toes, legs, you name it! I am pretty miserable today. My back is hurting so bad! I dont mean to be a cry baby. I am so lucky that God is giving me the chance to bring life into this world and I am so blessed, I am just so uncomfortable right now it is hard to be positive. It's 80 outside and beautiful and I want nothing more than to be outside playing but I am sitting in the house with my feet elevated trying to get the swelling down so I don't end up in the hospital! Bryant is the most amazing kid, he is so smart and funny and sweet. I told him mommy doesn't feel good and he said mommy I will hold your hand when you get a shot at the doc doc just be a big girl. He then gave me a kiss and said I love you mommy I will go to the doc doc with you and brother. I am going for now too swollen and miserable to type. Wish me luck!

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