Sunday, September 12, 2010

Great Weekend!

So Friday was my 5 year wedding anniversary and my sweet husband took me to eat at my favorite restaurant, Bone Fish Grill! It was wonderful but I'm thinking the loaf of fresh baked bread I ate did nothing for my weight loss! I did eat fish and salad though so that's good I think. Well I called my Dr on Friday to see about getting diet pills, I guess that's technically cheating but if you knew how bad I want to fit into my old clothes you'd understand. Well turns out he is not into diet pills, says they are a big no no! So now I have to go in for blood work because he thinks it is strange I still weigh today what I did the day I had Mason. I'm hoping it is something simple and the weight can start to fall off like ASAP! So Friday night was suppose to be my cheat night but then Saturday was football and we had people coming over which meant chicken wings, chicken cheese ball, chips and dip, etc. Well I did okay but felt kinda guilty after. Well no weight loss and no inches lost so maybe soon! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday Bryant had his first dentist appointment, he did really good and had lots of stories to tell and was so excited! Then we had a great dinner out for our 5 year anniversary. It felt so nice to be out with no kids and no diapers or bottles or anyone to take care of but myself. Then the Tide Rolled right over Penn State Saturday night, it was a good game spent with good friends and family! Overall had a great weekend with Mark being home with me and the boys. Now on the flip side I believe I am suffering from post pardum depression because my emotions are all over the place. I cry at the drop of a hat and am on edge and like so ill it is insane. I seriously feel like I am loosing it. I keep wanting to snap on people and cry like way more than ever before. I am really hoping this will soon pass because it is horrible! Masons waking up for another bottle getting ready for nighty night!

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