Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pregnancy Week 28

Well this pregnancy is going by faster than I realized. I go Monday for my sugar needles are no fun! Then within the next 10 or so weeks my son is going to be here. Mark and I were talking about it today and we realized how we have not prepared like we should. We have nothing bought and so we are gonna have to get on the ball! Mason is very active right now but causing me a lot of discomfort because he is so big already that he is giving me no room to breathe or expand after I eat. We tried going for a walk after dinner tonight to try and help me with digestion. Little things that you seem to take for granted become so apparent when your pregnant. I can't jump on the trsmpoline with Bryant or fit on most things lol. I can't breathe to walk far much less run. I can't sleep on my belly or back. I can't eat as much at a time because then I am miserable for hours...I spend a lot of time being miserab;e by the way! Bryant is being so sweet right now about his baby brother. He tells him goodnight and thinks about him when drinking or eating and at bath time. He has a ton of questions unanswered running through that little head of his. He will make a wonderful big brother I think. I have still got to get the nursery together which sounds easier than it is going to be. It is currently our storage room so there's lots of stuff that is going to have to find a new home! I am a little nervous about trying to go full term with this baby. I went two weeks over with my son because of a fear of being induced. I am not scared this time I just want to have him and know he is healthy. I am more worried about another 9 lb. baby and the pain of having a 9 lb. baby mixed with the stitches. I can't wait til he is here so I can meet him. I have so many questions in my head, I want to see how he will be different from Bryant, his personality, his looks. I'm very ready to meet my new little man!

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