Monday, March 8, 2010


Etiquette for dogs doesn't seem to be something established in my community! When you sneeze or cough or hold a door open for someone..there are so many times a day that you use etiquette for so many different things. When your a pet owner I think you should use your manners! My neighbor has a chain link huge fence surrounding his house, you know what's in it? Not his 5 dogs! My yard is covered in poop, they have eaten a pair of 75$ shoes off of my porch, a 50$ jacket of my sons, and a baby toy of my unborn! I have had it! I've asked the guy to do something and he refused to do anything. So what do I do? The normal answer would be the humane society but I live in the most rural backwoods place that believe it or not in 2010 does not have a leash law, nuscence ordinance or anything to protect my rights! I am so furious about this! I really feel like it is my yard if I leave shoes on my porch then they should be there when I return...did I mention they wouldn't be on the porch if my husband hadn't stepped in poop due to his dogs? My sons play area looks like a poop palace for the neighbors dogs...what to do... I am off to ponder my options!

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