Monday, March 15, 2010

Who makes the desions?

Okay this is a total gripe session but today I made a trip to the health dept. Everybody knows thats no fun. However, I need WIC for this new baby because if you haven't bought formula in a while it is outrageous! So as I am sitting and talking to one of the nurses I got hit with anger. Let me lay this out for you and see if you can see where I am coming from. My hubby is a correctional officer, great job that he loves but we are by no means rolling in the dough! So for our health insurance he pays 55$ a week. Well let's say that one of us gets sick which was the case today ( Mark has the flu). So he goes to the dr, pays a 30$ co-pay so that's 85$ this week out of our pocket! Well then there are lab fees that's 9$. Okay then lets talk prescriptions. Tamiflu 87$ Do you see how easily we were out 200$ in one day. Now let's talk about all the poeple lined up at the health dept. to get their free health care, no co-pays, no lab fees, oh wait and free prescriptions! Most of them don't even have jobs, Now don't get me wrong I am more than happy to see a single mom who may be struggling in there getting help for herself or kids. There are poeple out there who really are down on their luck and I have no problem with them getting these things for free. But when you have 5 kids and 5 seperate baby daddys and you don't work have free health care, WIC, and food stamps, free rent and who knows what else...well you can see why I have no problem getting my free WIC when my hisband works and pays taxes and it angers me to shell out 200$ for him to have the flu! It seems so unfair and unjust! Who makes these laws and rules? They obviously don't see the big picture. Let's throw some more money into a bailout for some corporate idiot who makes over a million a year. That makes way more logic doesn't it? Okay well enough griping for one night! Good Night!

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