Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Living the Dream

So Mark and I had such a wonderful romance in the beginning we kind of over did it on the spending. We put ourselves in some pretty serious debt. We had some help from hospital bills along the way from his past( no fault of his own, he was a junior in high school)Anyway...we have overcome bankruptcy (yes I know I am 26 he is 28 and your thinking Bankruptcy?) but it was totally necessary! We liked to travel eat out and shop like insane people and use credit cards for it all when we were like 21 and morons! So we are now getting past that and have made a home for ourselves. We finally have nice things that we have worked very hard to get and couldn't be happier. We have learned some very hard and expensive life lessons! But I honestly feel like it has made us stronger and smarter and now we are debt free. So we are trying to be more like Dave Ramsey lol! Anyway if I can be of any advice to anyone out there please head my cards are the devil..paying for it later is a horrible idea and if you can't pay cash you really don't need it that bad you can save and wait for later, and who knows maybe it'll go on sale or you'll get a coupon lol! Anyway I learned a very valuable lesson today! I would like to share this with all of you! At a local store in our lovely Gadsden Mall (it will remain nameless I can't afford a lawsuit lol)my husband and I purchased a bed in a bag set which in all cost us 250 after curtains and tax. Well we get it home and realize that 250$ DOES NOT include sheets! Come on really???? So after returning it and getting our money back we make a little trip over to TJ Maxx...can I just say that's the smartest thing I have done all week? After a week straight of searching for nursery bedding I not only got all my nursery bedding I also got a complete bed in a bag that was just as nice if not nicer all for the grand total of 175$. So lesson learned...well it's totally obvious! By taking that one simple trip into another store I got bedding for 2 rooms instead of one and I am so much is my husband! So I went to the doctor today for my check up and gained another ten pounds... I gotta go eat some ice cream all this weight gain has me hungry! lol By the way this will not be funny in 4 months when I am fat as a cow and crying over not loosing the weight! Good Night ALL!

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