Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I know I am just full of stuff to blog about today but I have got to get this off my chest and I totally think some of you will agree. I do not have a teenager myself but I have nieces and cousins and friends kids and I have got to say this. What in the heck has happened to these little girls being little girls? Since when did 13 year old date? And have you been to the mall lately on the weekend? What are they wearing? I am reading their myspace and facebooks and they are saying they are in love and I have seriously read...He is my everything, my lover and my best friend...excuse me Why are their moms not reading this stuff? I know you can't keep tabs on every second of a kids day but I am so appalled by the things these kids are doing and saying on front of their parents. It's like they act like they are 21 and no one is trying to make them be kids. That's how these young girls are getting pregnant. When a 13 year old is sitting and saying to their friends and everyone on the internet that they are in love he is my everything, I'm so glad I have someone to hold. I am so sickened by all of this. It's crazy to me. I am so scared for my babies to grow up and this be the way these girls are acting. Have they heard of STD's, pregnancy, or any of the other crap out there? Of course not because they are little girls. Marks niece was pregnant at 14. This is real, it is happening in our own backyards...well hopefully not literally...we will rephrase... this is happening in our communities. I don't have the answers but this sucks!

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