Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brotherly Love

OK seriously Bryant is always keeping me on my toes! He is so full of questions right now and very into helping take care of his brother. So today was filled with wanting to hold his brother ( brother can't hold his own head up yet so you can imagine how dangerous this is).  So you can clearly see little brothers eyes are bugging out of his head cause Bryant will not leave him alone! So today Mason wouldn't stop crying, I couldn't lay him down with out screams! Bryant says to me in a very serious tone, my brother is crying are you going to check on him? So I said well what is wrong with him and he looks me dead in the eye and says I'm sure he is hungry fix a bottle! This child is something else!

Now fast forward to bath time tonight! He pours an entire bottle of Johnsons Lavender Baby Bath in the tub with him! When I walked back in from dressing Mason I was like Bryant Oh no buddy what have u done and he said I tried to make bubbles, I am out of bubble bath. I said this isn't bubble bath its brothers night time soap that costs mommy a fortune! I said what will I do to give brother a bath now and he says very serious, call my mimi (my mom) she is very nice and likes to buy me things she will go to walmart tomm after work! I cracked up and said oh really and he says without missing a beat yeah just call her! WOW what a smarty pants! Now everyone knows I have been so miserable because Mason doesn't sleep at night very well. Well my saving grace has been a swing, the swing died it doesn't work anymore! :( You can imagine my disappointment! I am very interested to know how tonight will play out! Well I am pooped and more adventures await me in a few hours!

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