Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why Mommy???

Bryant has asked me about 500 questions today! I am assuming we are going through a little phase and we are learning so mommy is trying to be patient, however, he is asking questions faster than I can answer them!Tonight as we were getting in the tub I got this series of questions...Mommy why did you leave me to go see Tony's baby at the hospital? Me: Well you wanted to stay with mimi. Bryant: Mommy why does mimi come over and always want to tickle me? Me: Well Bryant she is trying to make u laugh she has done it to me my whole life. Let's get you in the tub. Bryant: No mommy I still have to poop and pee first, Mommy why do you pee with a tootie? Me: Well bryant girls have tooties and boys have wee wee's. Bryant: Mommy why can't Mason get in the tub with me. Me: Well he is too little right now!

As you can imagine this could go on for hours! So after the tub I was in here couponing, my usual Sunday activity after I get the paper. He comes in and sits with me and says mommy I love you. Well I love you too Bryant. He then says your my angel and my best friend I love you 5. I am assuming 5 means ALOT! He then gave me the most precious kiss imaginable and said I'm going to bed with daddy turn that t.v. off and come on! I have days that I want to pull my hair out and days that he makes my heart melt. Children are so much smarter than I realized and you cant pull any tricks with Bryant. I am very blessed to have my boys and cherish my time with them. I know one day they will be all grown up and all I can hope and pray for is we stay close and have a wonderful relationship. I want to get myself or Mark fixed so there will be no more babies but I also feel like it wont be so bad after Mason gets a little bigger but man alive it is tougher having two than I ever imagined!

I thought that working a full time job and managing Bryant was rough, haha yeah right. I am up to my eye balls in laundry and cleaning and feeding and changing and cooking and bath time and wow it never ends and by the time I sit down check my facebook and blog and coupon, well Mason should be screaming anytime now to be fed again! I am exhausted not to mention I am trying to loose weight and walking an hour a day, I am making myself tired just thinking about how busy my days are. And whats worse, I am sitting in my living room looking at ten things I should be up doing! I'm not complaining (ok maybe a little) just venting some frustrations, I am very blessed to get to stay home with my babies. I wouldn't change it for the world!

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