Saturday, August 28, 2010

8 weeks and counting

Well here we are 8 weeks in to having two kids and wow is it more than I ever imagined! The sleep thing is so much better, the first six weeks were horrible, I literally thought it would never end. Now everyday I find a new obsticle to overcome. I have always been one of those people who heard kids screaming in Wal-Mart and thought gosh shut that kid up...Now I am the mom thinking this is so embarrassing, why wont he just act right for 5 minutes? It is so stressful to go out in public, Bryant is at that age where he wants everything he sees and asks a million questions! Don't get me wrong I understand he is just a baby still but sometimes he picks the worst times to decide to misbehave. I feel like everyone is stopping to stare at me. So next time you hear a kid being loud think of that poor mom and how she might be feeling!

I have started my weight loss journey, all those krispy kremes and snickers are a thing of the past...wait no they are still around my waist and thighs! I am now walking an hour a day minimum! The weight is not going anywhere! I am trying to be patient but I want it gone so bad it is becoming an obsession! I will go ahead and admit I have taken some desperate measures, I have been wearing shrink wrap and a girdle. I feel like a crazy person but I will try alot of extremes to wear my clothes again!

Being a mother of two is alot of work! I have to watch Bryant constantly to make sure he isnt hurting Mason because he has no idea when he is being too rough and Mason is so tiny. I feel like I never get things accomplished because as soon as I start something Mason needs to be fed or changed and Bryant needs something to drink, then he is hungry, then he needs to potty and wants me to pull his pants up and then the phone rings and someone wants to chat and then Mason wants to be held and WILL whine until you pick him up! Bryant is very smart and such a handfull! He is changing so much it is so scary to think about him growing up so fast! I still doubt myself as a mother every ten minutes and think should I have said that or done that? I think everyday I am messing up and will one day regret this lol! I always think should I spank him, is that him just being a kid, how do I explain this to him? I sit and ponder these things all the time but all I can do is pray that God will guide me to be the mother he wants me to be! Well enough for now, gotta sleep while Mason is asleep! God Bless!

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