Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My first trip to Walmart

I think if you talk to any mom, you will typically find that we had all rather go grocery shopping alone. It is so much easier and faster! Well this is not always possible and today I decided to venture out to Walmart to use some coupons that were about to expire. Yes, I am on a huge kick with my coupons but if you saw how much more stuff we are able to buy now, it would blow your mind! Anyways, I had quite the trip and learned some what not to dos. Bryant is finally potty trained which is great but going to the bathroom in public can sometimes prove to be a job in itself. We head to the restroom when he starts holding it(literally). So after unloading the buggy of my purse diaper bag and newborn we see that it is closed for cleaning, how wonderful! So of course Mason wakes up right after that ordeal and wants a bottle. So picture me taking up tons of space in the isle, newborn screaming, people staring, and Bryant saying mommy lets go look at toys...NOW! Well I dont know if any of you have tried to hold a baby and bottle, while pushing a buggy and answering 100 questions from a toddler but wow it makes for one LONG and exhausting trip! I am so blessed that God gave me the babies he did, they are miracles and though I find myself wanting to cry alot more these days and doubting myself ALOT, I wouldn't change a thing, I am so blessed to have these wonderful boys in my life. I dont deserve them! Its odd to say but I feel lost when I have to leave Bryant for whatever reason, its like I'm missing a part of me. Well I havent really left Mason yet but I can't wrap my head around these moms who dont want or dont raise their kids. I am lost without mine. I have such a different life than I could have ever imagined, but I wouldnt trade the poop diapers, bottles, messes or diasters for any of the things I used to be into. Never a party, club, or dinner has ever compared to these two boys and the love I have for them!

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